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  • Trade House Souz (TD Souz LLC) - is a trading division of the Russian holding company ENERGOTEHMONTAZH-HOLDING CJSC, specialized in providing customers with a full scope of services in the field of construction of thermal energy facilities from consulting and audit to the comprehensive modernization , as well as the design, manufacture and installation of technological equipment.

    Energotehmontazh-Holding Company produces condensing gas boilers for heating and hot water on own patented technology. This is condensing surface-contact gas-fired boilers of VPKG models. Also Energotehmontazh-Holding Company manufactures other equipment - fire-tube boilers, coils boilers, deaerators, water towers, metal caissons, spare parts, non-standard equipment and so on. TD SOUZ is authorized to sell all produced by CJSC "Energotehmontazh-Holding" equipment.

    CJSC "Energotehmontazh-holding" is a manufacturer of condensing boilers industrial segment from 0.25 to 4 Gcal/hour capacity.

    Among the indisputable advantages of boilers VPKG:

    - actual efficiency of 100% or more on Qn that the operation saves gas consumption to 20%;

    - high reliability and maintainability;

    - small size and weight of boilers allow their installation in buildings smaller dimensions than the building for the installation of boilers of other types;

    - no costs for the construction of chimneys, as the temperature of exhaust flue gases does not exceed 80 °C and the content of harmful substances in emissions significantly below acceptable;

    - the ability to use any blowing gas burner at the customer's option;

    - boiler plant, built on the basis of condensing boilers VKPG, 30-40% cheaper than the boiler plant on the basis of other types of boilers;

    - best price of boilers.

    The company "Energotehmontazh-holding offers beneficial conditions for dealers and installation organizations and regional dealers when implementing boilers VPKG to consumers.

    TD Souz is authorized to exercise the implementation of boilers and other production of Energotehmontazh-Holding.

    Trade House Souz have the best conditions for partners over the world! You are welcome!


    TD SoyuzLimited Liability Company


    Registered address:

    ZIP: 140014

    Country: Russia

    Region: Moscow region

    City: Lyubertsy 

    Street: 1-st Pankovskiy proezd

    Building: 21



    Registration date: 24.12.2007


    INN (Taxpayer’s ID)/KPP (Tax Registration Reason Code) 5027130013/502701001


    ОКVED (Russian National Classifier of Economic Activities)                         52.11 45.3

    ОGRN (Main State Registration Number)                                                      1075027017922    

    ОКPО (Russian National Classifier of Businesses and Organisations)          84331191  

    ОКАТО (Russian National Classifier of Political Subdivisions)                       46231501000

    ОКОGU (Russian National Classifier of Governmental Authorities)               49013  

    ОКFS (Russian National Classifier of Forms of Ownership)                           16

    ОКТМО (Russian National Classifier of Municipal Unit Territories)                 46631101

    ОКОPF(Russian National Classifier of Organizational and Legal Forms)         65


    BANK NAME: Bank VTB 24 (open joint-stock company)

    BANK ADDRESS:RUSSIA, 101000,Moscow, Myasnitskaya street, bld. 35


    Settlement account                40702810900000024940 RUR

    BIC                                        044525716

    Correspondent account         30101810100000000716

    Settlement account                on demand                   EUR

    Settlement account                on demand                   USD


    IFNS (Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service)   Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service №17 in Moscow region


    Contact phones: +7 (495) 554-67-47, 554-50-18, 554-69-51

    WEB site: www.etm-h.ru

    e-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.  Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

    General Director     Gennadiy S.   Medvedev

    cell phone: +7 (985) 925-98-93                                          

  • Опросные листы



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    (PDF файл) 

    Отдел реализации котельного оборудования
    Менеджеры Елена, Алексей, Павел
     +7 (495) 554-69-51 
     +7 (495) 554-67-47

    По вопросам реализации и внедрения котлов ВПКГ:
    Генеральный директор ООО "ЭНЕРГОТЕХМОНТАЖ-ХОЛДИНГ" 
    Медведев Геннадий Степанович
     +7 (926) 379-36-47
     +7 (495) 554-67-47

    Махонин Алексей Владимирович
     +7 (495) 554-67-47 
     +7 (916) 229-75-84

    +7 (926) 668-38-92

    Электронная почта:
    etmhЭтот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. 

    Наш адрес:
    140014, Московская область, г.Люберцы, 1-ый Панковский проезд, д. 21,

    Часы работы: c понедельника  по пятницу   с 09.00  до 17.00 

    Как нас найти:
    Мы находимся в глубине открытой площадки на которой стоят автомобили, слева от магазина "Магнит".
    Пройдя по этой площадке вглубь к дому 21, поверните налево и пройдите 20 метров до козырька нашей организации.
    Слева у двери нажмите на кнопку вызывной панели домофона, мы откроем вам дверь.


    Схема проезда в офис

    Схема проезда на склад:

    Cклад расположен по адресу:
    Московская область, Люберецкий район, поселок Томилино, ул. Гоголя, дом 37
    Склад работает ежедневно с понедельника по пятницу с 8.00 до 17.00 без перерыва
    т. +7 (926) 668-38-92